Back to School …Are you ready?

We have home schooled, broken up sibling rows, cajoled and promised rewards but more than anything i think we have come to the realisation that our children need school every bit as much as we as parents need them to go to school.šŸ˜Š So here we are with school “around the corner” but are we ready ? What precautions can we take for our kids returning to school.

That all important first day back at school!

Immunity : Early on in our Covid journey as schools closed the fear was that children were vectors for infection. Whereas it is generally accepted that thankfully children are not as susceptible to Coronavirus they still can pick it up and spread it. Therefore following social distancing principles where possible and building immunity is a good idea. To build your child’s immunity there are a few nutritional supplements we are big fans of……

Junior Revive Revive Active Junior Revive is a super supplement specially formulated for children, delivering multiple benefits in one easy sachet. Suitable for 5 to 12-year olds and contains Wellmune (clinically proven to naturally strengthen key immune cells) plus other nutrients for healthy bone development, 18 essential vitamins & minerals, a prebiotic & a probiotic fiber, and supports cognitive function.

Teen Revive caters for teenagers 13 to 19 years.Packed with 18 vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and Wellmune, a natural yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, Teen Revive provides a wide-ranging nutrient boost to support your child whether at study, rest or play.

Why we love these? For that picky eater who refuses to take a tonic this will mix readily with orange juice, unnoticed as it’s flavourless. All that goodness and no row over taking it.   What else should we know? Junior revive and Teen Revive are taken once per day Monday to Friday following the school week therefore 20 sachets is a month supply. Great value… We have a Back to School special with 20% extra fill as well as 20% off in both our Teen Revive and Junior Revive

Clean Hands … We have all badgered our kids into cleaning their hands before meals and equally depending on our own energy levels have let them away with it when they have not! With Covid all this has changed. Soap is the one thing proven to kill Sars-CoV-2 and it doesn’t need to be an antibacterial soap ( remember Covid is a virus anyway) The one casualty of all this handwashing has been our hands . Kids hands can be particularly sensitive and that’s why we are loving Child’s Farm Sensitive Handwash for kids.

Face Masks…. The jury is out on this one just yet as to whether kids will have to wear masks to school or not . If it’s the case that they do lets make mask wearing fun with our selection of fun kids face masks from ā‚¬4

Buy now ….fun Kids Face Masks ā‚¬4

Head Lice …. A bit like Sars Cov 2 Head Lice love close human contact. As they can’t fly or hop and need to crawl from head to head, one would wonder how they will cope with our new normal of social distancing . Somehow i suspect these wily insects will still feature on our kids return to school. There are many treatments but we tend to favour Hedrin Treat and Go Mousse.It works by stripping away the waxy cuticle (outer skin) of head lice, causing them to dehydrate and die.Apply to dry hair from roots to tip .Leave overnight and wash out. Repeat again in 7 days.

I will leave you with a cartoon i did over 20 years years ago that never got finished and never made the light of day .It mused as to “what if headlice got curious”… what would they want to know? Like headlice Sars-CoV- 2 also searches for a host.The return to school and normality is daunting but let’s not get overly consumed by it but do our best to stick by the basics : social distancing,hand hygiene and face coverings.

When Headlice get curious ….

Stay safe ,

Paul Cunningham, Pharmacist and Cartoonist

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